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How Often Should You Use Beard Oil? A Hairy Question, Answered

Before we get going, let’s lay out one thing: beard oil isn’t just for that pasty, plaid-wearing, axe-wielding flannel jackal sort of chap. Any man who wants to upgrade his shaggyness from ‘forgot to shave last Sunday’ to ‘deliberately dashing’ needs to get familiar with the wonders of this elixir of the bearded gods, but how often is often enough?

The Bearded Wonder: What Does Beard Balm Actually Do?

What exactly does beard balm actually do? That most common of questions, posed by the philosophers, the sage sages, and pretty much every guy who has ever snagged his facial hair, can be broken down into one crucial FAQ: Is beard balm little more than a step in the typically tortuous grooming ritual?

To Oil or Not to Oil: The Daily Dilemma of the Bearded Gentleman

Ah, beard oil – the watering of the whiskered, the elixir of the hirsute, the daily dilemma of the bewhiskered. It’s like watering a houseplant in the kingdom of beard grooming. Do it right, and you have the most lush, green and beautiful facial hair foliage on your face; do it wrong, and—wowza—you’re basically drowning yourself in petroleum.

Taming the Mane: What Does Beard Balm Actually Do?

There’s a fine line between ruggedly handsome and wild and woolly. This is where beard balm comes in, a cure-all and all-round unsung hero of modern beard care. But how exactly does it work? Let’s investigate this waxy beard balm and uncover its magic.

The Unspoken Truth: 5 Beard Oil Disadvantages You Need to Know

Beard oil is the panacea your facial hair needs when it grows out of control or you just want to look like any other lumberjack. However, beneath those silky glistening whiskers lies a number of not-so-shaggy drawbacks.

What Does Beard Oil Actually Do?

So what does beard oil actually do? Strap yourselves in, chaps – we’re about to go on a whisker-ific journey into the world of facial foliage. Beard oil is actually a relatively basic product, which is both a good and a bad thing.

Is Beard Oil Safe? Here's Why You Can Trust Your Facial Foliage with It!

Beard oil, the MVP that keeps your face fuzz in check. The stuff that transforms your scraggly yard into a velvety ZZ Top-worthy vineyard. You’re keen on growing a beard, or perhaps you’ve been making a fine effort of it for years already.

Beard Balm: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Wicked Beard

Imagine a tin of magic that contains a combination of some of nature's most exquisite components, like beeswax, Shea butter, and a series of essential oils, all of which come together in one container to create a wicked elixir of styling. This is beard balm.

A Wicked Tale about Beard Oils and Their Magic: Should You use It or Not?

What is this magical mixture called beard oil, anyway? Let's dissect it. Beard oil is a combination of essential and carrier oils used to improve your wicked beard in many ways, including but not limited to, making it easier to manage, softer to style, and healthier overall.

A Beard Owner's Guide to the Stages of Beard Development

Understanding the biology of male beard growth might help to understand how beard grows, but also why it is so peculiar. Genetics, hormones, lifestyle and general health are simply a few of the factors influencing the complex process of growth.

Elevate Your Beard Game with Wicked Beard Company's Exceptional Grooming Products

Let us be clear on one thing: keeping a beard isn’t for the faint of heart. Trimming, shaping, and conditioning it so it looks wickedly evil takes more than good intentions, it takes dedication, diligence, and most importantly, the right products. The Wicked Beard Company has the wicked solution.

The Beard an Infographic Journey

Gentlemen, put down your razors and gather around because we've got some hairy facts to share with you! Whether you're a fan of the lumberjack look or prefer a more refined mustache, we've got the ultimate guide to all things beards.
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