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A Brief History of Beard Care + 14 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know!

Men have been styling and caring for their beards for thousands of years; they’ve imitated enemies, provided warmth, ...

Why Women Love A Beard

Beard culture is taking the world by storm, and the women of the world seem to love it. We explore just what makes beards so appealing to women everywhere!

Coconut Charcoal Beard Soap Is Incredible!

Did you know activated charcoal can be one of the best things for your beard? Is activated charcoal the same stuff...

Why Use a Wood Beard Comb?

Wood is great for a lot of things and we use it in many different ways. A comb carved from a single piece of sandal wood is a thing of beauty. 

How to Wear a Beard to an Interview

If you’re scouring the Internet the night before your job interview wondering whether you really need to shave, it’s likely because you’ve run into a remark here or there that it isn’t proper interview etiquette to turn up without a clean shave.

Movember Challenge!

It all happened in Melbourne Australia in 2003 when two mates, Travis and Luke were enjoying a beer in the town of Fitzroy, at a place called the Gypsy bar.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Dying Your Beard

Let me start this by saying “I dye my beard”. There I said it. Nothing to be ashamed of. I know some men might feel ...

When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

When should you really start using beard oil? Lets talk about it.

Why You Should Use Beard Oil

Let's talk about 8 reasons why you should be using beard oil!

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