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Our Story

We are not just a beard company – we are a people company. We love beards, we love people with beards. We started Wicked Beard Company because we love you and your wicked beard.

The Beginning - A Beard By Any Other Name

I had never tried beard oils, butters or balms; I had been growing a beard for most of my life, but it was patchy and when it grew too long, it would get out of control. I always wanted to look like I had a full, healthy beard but was never quite able to achieve it.

Because I am a creative and innovative person, I prefer to make things myself. ‘Handcrafted’ and ‘homemade’ are buzzwords in my house. I’m a perfectionist, and anything I make is infused with the same degree of passion, dedication and attention to detail that I put into everything.

Surely, knowing that I wanted a better beard, a solution could be found.

The Change - The Beard Harvest

It was my aromatherapist wife who first encouraged me to use beard oils and balms, and it’s her knowledge of essential and carrier oils that informed the products we eventually produced.

For me it was a case of being driven, spinetinglingly driven, by what I can do and what I see with my eyes, with this premise of natural, organic, handmade.

This went on for half a year until we had the formula we’d been searching for. It was based on a series of trials to capture the ideal fragrance – creating the best product we felt we could.

We looked at materials from farms on six continents, and travelled the globe sourcing the finest essential and carrier oils. We tried every combination until we finally hit the jackpot.

What we were making not only enhanced my beard, but also kept the skin underneath it nourished, too. My beard had never looked fuller or better.

I was practically leaping for joy at having finally grown the beard I had always wanted, and I was anxious to let the world know about our find. This was something everybody should know.

The Sharing - Beardtopia

I was excited and wanted everybody in the world who could grow a beard to know that they needed to try our beard oils, balms and butters because they were seeing results.

It was easy to pick a name for our company. We all liked Wicked Beard Company. It fit with how people had described my beard as ‘wicked’.

But with the name in place, we didn’t look back – we jumped all in and never looked back – and we are marketing our flagship, wickedly awesome beard oils and balm, as well as butters, and now a wicked soap to the world.

People talk about our products more and more, and we are happy to find new customers every day. It is really cool to listen about a satisfied customer. This is what we really needed.

We do sincerely believe that we have created the best product out there, and we hope that you will love our products as much as we do.

We’ve got a ton of exciting new products in development and can’t wait to tell you all about them!

We Care About You And Your Beard!

While there are several beard companies, I am grateful and honoured when someone chooses our Wicked Beard Company product.

Every single product we make is made just as carefully and with just as much attention to detail as everything else. We always use the best ingredients we can get. We sincerely want you to love our products as much as we do.

When you use our products, you’re not just going to feel the difference, you’re going to see the difference … As we believe our products are imbued with love, care and attention, they will never be cheap and nasty imitations of a popular supermarket brand.

Stay Wicked!


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