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Beard Conditioner Versus Beard Oil, Let the Battle Begin!

People can understand why more and more men like beards because they can see them as we walk around streets and markets.
As the majority of boys and men with beards will say, that's where the story starts.
Beard oil and beard conditioner, two of the most popular types of beard care products, are essential for maintaining beards' health and appearance. We will discuss the differences and comparisons between these two goods here.


What is Beard Conditioner?

An example of a beard conditioner is a product that keeps beard hair healthy and well moisturized, helping to keep it soft, supple, and manageable. And although beard conditioner is designed specifically for beard hair, how it works is very similar to it’s bathing counterpart: it simply provides the hair with moisture and botanical elements that nourish it. Apply beard conditioner after using shampoo to wet beard hair, let it sit for a couple minutes and then wash it out. If you’re using a special beard wash that cleanses the beard hair but still provides conditioning to the hair then no, but if not then yes.

Shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil and similar moisturizers are a common ingredient in beard conditioner. It will make it easier to style your beard and take care of it, as it produces softer, easier to untangle beard hair. Other advantages include relief from the itching and flaking, as well as from the dreaded beardruff and beard dandruff that can effect anyone with a beard.


The Benefits of Beard Conditioner

Using beard conditioner can help soften and hydrate your beard hair, which makes it a lot easier to manage and style. This is one of the key benefits of using beard conditioner. Men with longer beards should take extra care to maintain their beard hair, since dryness can cause tangles and other hair problems. For sensitive and dry-skinned beard-bearers, beard conditioner is a godsend when it comes to itching and flaking.

Using beard conditioner has several benefits, one of the main facts being that it can greatly contribute to the overall health of your beard. Beard conditioner's humectants can prevent a beard becoming brittle and getting broken ends. Broken beard ends makes beards look less full and thick, so it would be ideal if a beard is less prone to breaking and getting dead ended. Yet another benefit of beard conditioner would be to protect your beard from external harmful factors such as pollution and ultraviolet light.


What is Beard Oil?

A close second in popularity is beard oil, which is formulated to moisturize and soften your beard hair. Unlike beard conditioner, beard oil really isn’t meant to be washed out after a few minutes – all day is the rule – and it’s here that I think it really delivers.
The Premium Carrier Oils are the main component of Beard Oil. Oils such as Jojoba, Almond or Grapeseed Oil, not too oily and not too heavy, so as not to clog the pores nor create a greasy beard. The Beard Oil smells nice and the Essential Oils enhance its benefits for the skin and hair. Check it out. You can even make your own Beard Oil at Wicked Beard Company.

The Benefits of Beard Oil

First and foremost the application of beard oil will hydrate your beard and penetrate your beard follicles to keep your beard hydrated and nourished all day long. You can leave beard oil in your beard all day long. Your beard will stay hydrated and nourished all day long. Beard conditioner on the other hand, since it is essentially a mask that you apply for only a few minutes, you immediately rinse it out after a few minutes. However, to keep your beard hydrated and nourished all day long, you will want to leave beard oil in your beard all day long and you will also want to use beard oil every day for best results.

Even so, the skin directly beneath your beard can reap some of those benefits of beard oil as well. Beard oil’s essential oils are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and keep your skin hydrated. The oil also prevents acne and beardruff, and helps keep the skin elastic. One of the main problems with longer beards is that they itch. Beard oil can help you with that.


So, which product is better for your beard – conditioner or oil?

Where beard oil is for the outside of the beard, conditioner does the same for the inside. Despite these obvious differences in purpose, beard oil and conditioner are, to quote Aaron Burr, ‘basically interchangeable’. My favourite combo for maintaining my beard consists of beard oil and Wicked Beard Companies beard soap, and good news for you – you don’t have to pick just one!.


Why not use both?

Your beard will stay healthy, lustrous, and smelling great all day long if you use a high-quality beard conditioner in the shower and then apply a premium beard oil afterwards.
But this is good for all beards, regardless of length. Guys with long and luxurious beards barely need me to say it. I condition and wash my beard with high-quality beard soap each morning, leaving a premium beard oil to work its magic all day long.

The purposes to use the beard conditioner are the same as ordinary hair conditioner. If you applied the product on beard hair, its hair will begin to untangle and become softer for reliable styling. As many males faced the problem of itch or skin irritation, beard conditioner can reduce itching and irritation symptoms.

Beard oil will, as you might infer, moisturize and condition the skin directly underneath your beard, where you’ll likely experience some dryness and irritation. It can also make you look sharp by adding lustre to your facial hair. Jojoba oil and argan oils are fairly common ingredients in beard oil, acting as carrier oils (ie, these oil help other active ingredients be delivered to the skin and hair follicles). Other ingredients contain fragrance, while others do the actual work of moisturizing the skin and hair.


In Conclusion

Use a beard conditioner or a beard soap with conditioner to smooth out any rough patches and untangle your beard. Use beard oil to keep your beard healthy and shiny while also moisturizing and nourishing the area just under your beard. For optimum results, and especially if you have a longer beard, use both items simultaneously. Wicked Beard Company is your one-stop shop for premium, high-quality beard care products.

Stay Wicked!
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