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My Favorite Wicked Beard Company Oils

Wicked Beard Company has created some incredible and truly wicked beard oils. Premium essential and scent oils always ensure the highest quality product.

Having said that I do have my favorites!

Here are my top 5 beard oil scents from Wicked Beard Company.


Big Bite Bubble Gum

Wait. Bubble gum? Really? You bet! With so many beard oils using traditionally-masculine scent profiles, Wicked Beard Company wanted to mix it up a little for the young-at-heart, fun-loving beards out there. Make the object(s) of your affection grin with every kiss, because this ain’t your average beard oil - it’s better! Sweet, ultra-conditioning, and absolutely unforgettable, it’s pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re rocking this sensational bubble gum beard oil.


Complex blend of bubblegum, with essence of fresh berries, peach, pineapple, citrus, floral and mild musk undertones.


Melted Creamsicle

No matter how old you are, the cheerful chiming song of the ice cream truck brings a smile to your face. And the best treat to emerge from that little vehicular window on a hot summer day? The creamsicle, of course! A dreamy combo of fresh orange flavor and soothing vanilla cream was the perfect cure for even the warmest temperatures. Even if it’s been years since you’ve played wall ball or capture the flag, you can still capture the essence of lazy summer days with Wicked Beard Company's Melted Creamsicle Beard Oil: all of that sweet scented popsicle goodness with none of the stickiness.


Complex blend of delicious, creamy vanilla, sweet orange citrus and orange peels. Top Notes of pineapple with mild musky undertones.


The Beach

They say if you massage in some of this beard oil, close your eyes, and breathe deeply through your beard, you can hear the ocean. Okay, well, you can at least smell like you’re kicking back and catching rays - this moisturizing proprietary beard oil smells just like a warm day on the dunes. Rich coconut from tanning oil, a hint of vanilla from that group of fellow beach-goers in the tiny bathing suits, and just a hint of musk for a masculine finish. Remember that wicked summer you spent hanging out on the beach? Recall those sun-soaked memories fondly with a touch of this sensational beard oil.


Complex blend of tropical and refreshing roasted coconut, rich butter, musk, oak, moss and rosewood.


Tropical Dreams

Aloha, men! Wicked Beard Company noticed that there are a lot of woods-inspired scents out there, so they thought - what about the surfer dudes? The island bums? The tropics-loving men? This blend’s for you, fellas - Wicked Beard Company has added a heady tropical scent blend to their proprietary beard oil to give you silky-soft conditioning that smells fantastic. A bounty of fresh-cut tropical fruit and melon mingles with lush island florals in every sniff - and come on: who doesn’t love a luau? Now you can enjoy the scent of relaxation and true paradise every time you condition your beard. Shaka, bra!


Complex blend of ripe, sweet berries and succulent melons, citrus with undertones of pineapple, sweet peach, honey dew melon, jasmine, fresh watermelon and strawberry.


London Pub

The jovial gathering of friends at the bar is the very essence of masculinity - is it any wonder we decided to use the experience as inspiration for our beard oil? This rich, nostalgic scent instantly brings to mind a good-natured game of darts or raising a pint to a favorite sports team on the telly. A deep woodsy undertone with a hint of subtle musk and just a touch of cigar smoke from a late night with the lads - it’s a winner, and you’ll feel like one too.


Complex, woody, blend of musk, fir, vetiver, oakmoss, rosewood, ho wood, cedarwood, sandalwood and slight undertones of lemon, lime, cardamom, rosemary, jasmine and hints of orange.

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