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Why Women Love A Beard

Women love men with well-kept beards, but what makes this true? Is it that smooth beard fade or the smell of a good beard oil? What is it that seems to draw so many women to a man with a beard? In this article, we are going to explore everything that women love about this powerful form of facial hair.

Beard Growth is Special
While women love beards, not every man has one—and there is a reason for this. Though a lot of men can grow facial hair, not every man can grow a beard specifically. Beards, particularly full ones, are fairly difficult to come by, and that matters! Since only some men can grow beards, it makes them special. Women love a man who beats out the competition, even if it is purely by good genetics (and using the right products of course).

There Are Different Beard Types
As far as beards go, there are a lot of different styles. Beards can be grown, trimmed, shaped, and even dyed! With this many options available, there is a beard to suit the preferences of every women. You can use a beard to look a little more rugged or to add an image of power instead. Since there are so many beards to choose from, women can enjoy a man’s many different looks!

It Shows You Can Take Care of Something
You know how people always say that a couple should get a pet before having a child to ensure that they both know how to care for it? Well, the right kind of beard growth might just give you a pass. If you are the kind of man who uses a beard comb or beard brush, has a nice beard balm or some oil, and takes time sculpting your beard every day, the women around you will notice. Having a well-maintained beard is an indication of care and maintenance. It shows women that you have the ability to focus on something that matters. Without a beard, you could just be the kind of guy that forgets to wash his socks. With a beard, you’re a grown man that knows how to take care of himself.

It Makes You Look Dapper
The simple truth is that a beard can do a lot for a man’s look. It tends to make men look older and more mature and can even help dress your image up! While a scraggly beard won’t do you any favors, well-groomed facial hair can really show off just how handsome you really are. It tells the world that you clean up well—and ladies love that!

The Takeaway
Beard culture is at an all-time high and it is easy to see why. Men with incredible beards are loose on the streets and the women are loving it. Next time you considering growing your beard out, make sure that you have a plan. With a great beard comes great responsibility, so make sure that you are ready to rise to the occasion. Women will respond in kind!

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