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Why Use a Wood Beard Comb?

Medium Tooth Red Sandalwood Beard Comb

Wood is great for a lot of things and we use it in many different ways. A comb carved from a single piece of sandalwood is a thing of beauty and a wooden comb should always be your first choice when choosing a beard comb. Until the discovery of plastics, combs had primarily been made from wood. Wood was an easy choice as it was widely available and relatively easy to work with.

Wood is very versatile products on the planet and combs can be made from a variety of wood types.


Wider Teeth

Wide Tooth Green Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb - Wicked Beard Company

Wood is smooth and will glide through your beard with ease compared to metal or plastic. Wooden combs also have wide teeth which means no beard snags or worse, having a precious beard hair yanked from your face!



Wooden combs are made to last and if cared for correctly will last you a life time. Keep it clean and dry and you are good to go. Wood combs also look wicked and you can get them in all shapes and sizes!

Important! Never use soap to clean your wooden beard comb, it will strip the wood of natural oil and damage the fibers.


No Static!

Wood is heavy, dense and it is resistant to static build up. This will help keep your beard tight and make it look fuller.


Natural Oils

Wood is porous and will help soak up and distribute the natural oils of your face as well as any beard oil or balm you are using. The oils also help treat and protect the natural wood!


They Look Wicked!

Medium Tooth Green Sandalwood Beard Comb

Wood combs will give your beard shine, fullness and keep it looking wicked for many years! They also come in many different shapes and sizes and look wicked!


Sandalwood and Peachwood Combs

We recommend Sandalwood or Peachwood beard combs for your beard. Sandalwood is durable, looks and smells wicked and is incredibly beard friendly!

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