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How to Get the Best Beard Possible!

  • Take your time: The key to a well-groomed beard is to be patient. Allow enough time for your facial hair to develop. This process typically takes around four to six weeks. The key is to move slowly but steadily.
  • Keep up a healthy routine: Your beard, like your scalp hair, requires specific nutrients to flourish. A fuller and healthier beard is the result of a combination of factors, including a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and enough of sleep.
  • If you want your beard to appear great, you need to groom it regularly. Maintain its shape and length with the help of a high-quality beard trimmer. Cut details using scissors.
  • Beard oil is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run. The skin under your beard and the beard hair on top are both nourished by beard oils. Your beard will remain lustrous and well-groomed, and it will also be protected from itching.
  • Keep it clean: Beards require frequent washing, much like hair on the head. To remove the everyday dirt and oil, use a beard wash or shampoo; however, be careful not to wash your beard too frequently, as this can cause it to dry out.
  • Hydrate: Getting enough water helps your body in general, and it also makes your beard healthier and more manageable.
  • Keep your moustache in mind: a full beard typically comes with a moustache. You should maintain a neat trim just above your lip line.
  • Beard comb and brush: A beard brush can help you shape your beard's growth, remove dead skin cells, and apply oil. If your beard is tangled, a beard comb might be useful.
  • Keep an eye out for split ends on a regular basis; beards are just as prone to this problem as hair. In order to maintain a healthy beard, you should trim it whenever you see any of these signs.
  • It's just as vital to take care of the skin behind your beard as it is to keep your beard itself healthy, so don't ignore it. Maintaining good skin and warding off ingrown hairs requires weekly exfoliation.


Beards are a wicked way to show off your unique sense of style, but it won't grow well with only a little beard oil and a few razor strokes. You must be knowledgeable about beard grooming and maintenance if you desire your beard to look its best.


Trim regularly

Consistent trimming is a must if you want your beard to look its best. To maintain a well-groomed beard, you should use shears or an electric trimmer. Use clippers or scissors to cut it to the desired length and shape it to your liking after making sure it's uniformly trimmed around the edges. If you get your beard cut regularly, you can eliminate unruly hairs that diminish your appearance. A thinner beard, particularly at the tips, could give the impression of a thinner beard overall as it grows. Your beard will look fuller if you keep it clean and well-groomed. Naturally, there are always outliers. For example, you might wish to hide your shears and scissors if you're cultivating a wizard beard.


Wash and condition

Maintaining healthy facial hair requires the same attention as caring for your hair on top. Doing so will aid in maintaining its healthy appearance and protecting it from dryness, broken ends, and beardruff. Be careful to use beard-specific products, such as beard soap and conditioner. A beard-specific bar of soap will cleanse your beard with a blend of natural oils and butters while preserving its natural lipid content. You shouldn't need anything more than a decent beard soap to keep your beard clean, but if you really want to take it to the next level, you can add a conditioner made specifically for facial hair to hydrate it and shield it from harm. However, as mentioned before, an excellent beard soap can serve as a multipurpose remedy!


Use styling Products!

This is this beard and butter!

Beard oils, balms, and butters are great styling tools to have on hand for that full beard look. In addition to nourishing your facial hair for healthier development and longer-lasting appeal, these products will aid in shaping, defining, and holding it in place. To find the product that meets your specific requirements, try out a variety of brands until you find one you like. The premium beard oils, balms, and butters offered by Wicked Beard Company are sure to meet all of your beard care requirements.



Beard perfection is easier to achieve than you might think. It just requires a few simple grooming routines like frequent washing and conditioning, the right use of styling agents, and frequent cutting. If you follow these guidelines, your beard will always look wicked.

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