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Beard Balm or Beard Butter: Which Should I Choose?

Here at Wicked Beard Company, we understand that you take the look and feel of your beard seriously. After all, the desire to help people grow big, healthy-looking beards is what Wicked Beard Company is founded upon. We realize that many of you out there may be new to the ins and outs of handcrafted beard care products. A typical question we receive is whether beard balm or beard butter is the better option for someone. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the options and who would benefit from which product.


What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a product that is comprised of a variety of ingredients such as waxes, butters, and carrier oils. It has a fairly firm and solid texture. This is a product that can be used on a daily basis in order to provide styling and conditioning for your beard.

There are multiple reasons to use beard balm and one of the major benefits is that it provides a firm hold for your beard, helping shape it and prevent fly-away hairs. High quality, premium handcrafted beard balms such as those provided by Wicked Beard Company also help to condition your hair and moisturize your skin.


What is Beard Butter?

Beard butter is somewhat like beard balm in that it can also be made from waxes, butters, and carrier oils. The big difference here is not only the ingredients, but the quantity and quality of those ingredients. Most of the time, beard balms main ingredient is beeswax. Beard butter is primarily comprised of butters such as shea and almond butter. This allows beard butter to have a softer, creamier composition.

Since beard butter is not as firm as beard balm, it is not the preferred option for styling as it does not have as firm of a hold (although it does provide a light one) as beard balm. However, beard butter has a number of other benefits from its use. This substance is incredibly effective at locking moisture into the skin. It is also wonderful for providing strong conditioning, eliminating beard dandruff, and helping prevent itchiness.


How Do I Use Beard Balm?

Using beard balm is very easy. Start simply by rubbing your finger in a circular motion in the container until you have a small dime-sized dollop on the tip of your finger. Next, work the product around in your hand. This will provide heat to it and make it more pliable. When the product is warm, use your hand to apply it to your beard. Use this to style your beard into your ideal shape.

Beard balm can be used daily. Since it has a higher amount of wax, it is best to use it when your beard is dry. So if you start the morning with a shower, make sure to dry your beard before applying balm. A little wetness is ok, but a lot will keep your beard from absorbing the balm effectively.


How do I Use Beard Butter?

Beard butter is even easier to apply than beard balm, primarily because it has a softer consistency. You will again swirl your fingertip in the container and scoop out a dime-sized dollop. Rub it briefly between your palms and then spread it throughout your beard. If you have a larger, fuller beard, use a wide-toothed sandalwood comb to help comb it throughout your beard.

Beard butter can also be used on a daily basis. It is often best used immediately after a shower as it will help preserve moisture. If you feel greasy after applying beard butter, that is a sign that you have applied too much and should reduce the amount next time.


Which One Should I Choose?

When considering whether to use beard balm or beard butter, there are a number of things to consider such as hair length and goal. Both beard balm and beard butter provide both styling and conditioning benefits; however, beard balm provides greater styling help while beard butter provides greater conditioning and moisturizing. In terms of length, beard balm is very effective when you start growing out your beard. As a beard gets longer, the weight of it helps with shape, meaning beard butter can be a better choice. Beard butter is also great for shorter beards and can be an effective replacement for beard oil if you prefer butters over oils as a moisturizer.

If I had to recommend one over the other, I would recommend a beard butter with a small amount of beeswax like the premium butters we have available at Wicked Beard Company.

Reasons to choose beard balm:

  • Have a beard type that needs to be highly stylized
  • Just beginning to grow beard/shorter beard
  • Problems with fly-away/stray hairs

Reasons to choose beard butter:

  • Longer beard
  • Beard is excessively dry or itchy
  • Facial hair that is sparser or fine in texture


Can I Use Them Both?

Yes, you can use both beard balm and beard butter at the same time, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Using both at the same time would likely be over kill. For those wanting to take advantage of the benefit of both beard balm and beard butter, consider using beard balm in the morning and beard butter in the evenings after a shower.


What about Beard Oil?

Beard balm and beard butter are not the only two products available for beard care. There is also beard oil. This is a liquid product that is very easy to apply and can work with any type of beard. It can often be a beard growers first choice when starting a new beard because it is easy to use. It becomes more important the longer your beard gets and as the skin under the beard produces less sebum (a natural oil produced by our skin).

High quality, natural beard oil can be great for relieving irritation that often comes when you begin growing a beard or when a beard gets fuller. It is great for softening your hair and moisturizing the skin beneath it. In fact, periodically applying beard oil to beards of any length will aid in the effort to keep a healthy shine to your beard and prevent damage.


Final Thoughts

Whatever your need, Wicked Beard Company has the natural, handcrafted products for you. Feel free to browse around our product offerings, which only use the highest quality organic ingredients.

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