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The Beach Beard Balm

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They say if you massage in some of this beard balm, close your eyes, and breathe deeply through your beard, you can hear the ocean. Okay, well, you can at least smell like you’re kicking back and catching rays - this moisturizing proprietary beard balm smells just like a warm day on the dunes. Rich coconut from tanning oil, a hint of vanilla from that group of fellow beach-goers in the tiny bathing suits, and just a hint of musk for a masculine finish. Remember that wicked summer you spent hanging out on the beach? Recall those sun-soaked memories fondly with a touch of this sensational beard balm.

  • Hang 10 with our proprietary oil and Shea butter blend.
  • Cool, casual scent profile brings together the fragrances of a day at the bay: coconut, vanilla, and musk.


Medium hold ensures your beard will keep it's shape nicely without feeling to stiff.


Complex blend of tropical and refreshing roasted coconut, rich butter, musk, oak, moss and rosewood.


creamy top coconut intricately blended with peaches, vanilla and base notes of rich butter, sweet burnt coconut, musk, oakmoss and rosewood.


Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Argan Oil, 100% proprietary essential oil blend and fragrance


Scrape a small amount of beard balm with your thumb and massage into the palm of your hand until melted then massage into beard.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Turbyfill
Incredibly awesome

The Wicked Beard balms (Beach, Mocha and Creamsicle) that I tried are a great value. The balms are smooth in texture, lightly but perfectly scented and do a great job of keeping my moustache smooth and better controlled. Based on these, I also purchased the three beard butters...which I receive today. Thanks. Robert

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