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To Oil or Not to Oil: The Daily Dilemma of the Bearded Gentleman

Ah, beard oil – the watering of the whiskered, the elixir of the hirsute, the daily dilemma of the bewhiskered. It’s like watering a houseplant in the kingdom of beard grooming. Do it right, and you have the most lush, green and beautiful facial hair foliage on your face; do it wrong, and—wowza—you’re basically drowning yourself in petroleum. So, is it good to use beard oil daily? Sure, but let’s weigh the facts with a fine-toothy comb.


The Basics: What is Beard Oil, Anyway?

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Beard oil is the elixir for your facial foliage, and is typically made out of assorted essential oils and shiny carrier oils such as jojoba, argan or sweet almond. This is not just your kitchen cupboard right there (for the love of God, don’t raid the pantry), it’s a mix of oils selected to soften your beard and nourish the skin underneath it. It’s pretty much the second most important thing – after coffee – to men with beards.


Moisturize to Socialize

Perhaps the most important reason to take up daily oiling is moisturization, because if you don’t, your beard will develop a quality similar to a brillo pad, rough for you, and certainly rough for anybody who gets close enough to feel it. If you’re shooting for more ‘distinguished gentleman’ and less ‘desert hermit’, a little daily oil goes a long way.


The Taming of the Shrew... Er, Beard

Beard oil is your BFF if your beard is curlier than a prime-time TV drama. Every day you rub it in, and soon enough the broom on your chin will seem like a labradoodle rather than a jungle. Intentionally rugged, not bush-pilot rugged.


The Scent of a Man

It’s also likely to have a scent (indeed, the whole point of beard oil is that a beard oils your face like a nice cologne oils your shirt), so daily use forces the wearer to select a scent not so overwhelming as to make him announce his arrival five minutes before strolling into a room. Unless, of course, you’re going for the ‘Just took a bath in a vat of sandalwood’ look, which is, as it happens, not the universal crowd-pleaser that you might have thought.


Don't Slip Up: Avoiding the Grease Pit

The key to daily beard oil? Moderation. You’re going for a subtle sheen, not a slick oily hazard to wildlife. A few drops are plenty. Think seasoning something to taste: a little bit enhances a dish, but too much and you’re shovelling salt into your mouth.


When Not to Oil

If your beard is short, or if your skin is on the oily side to begin with, you probably don’t want to oil up every day. That would be like wearing a raincoat in the desert: uber-uncomfortable, and frankly a bit ridiculous. Speaking of which, listen to your whiskers (metaphorically, please). If you feel like you’re pickling your face, it’s time to dial it down a notch.


Conclusion: The Verdict on Daily Beard Oil

Whether you use beard oil daily or not depends on your beard and your skin. It’s like asking if you should drink coffee every day. If you feel a glow, you clean up better and nothing, well, nothing (or nothing but grease, in this case), makes it not feel like a good day to do it again. Given the chance, experiment; find your groove and let your beard live its best luscious life.

Thus oil responsibly, my bearded friends, and: ‘An oiled beard is the seal of a life led well!’

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