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Elevate Your Beard Game with Wicked Beard Company's Exceptional Grooming Products

Let us be clear on one thing: keeping a beard isn’t for the faint of heart. Trimming, shaping, and conditioning it so it looks wickedly evil takes more than good intentions, it takes dedication, diligence, and most importantly, the right products. The Wicked Beard Company has the wicked solution.

Wicked Beard Company creates premium beard products such as oils, balms, butters and activated charcoal soaps. Every Wicked Beard product is made from only premium, natural ingredients. We source the finest ingredients from the best suppliers on six continents. Wicked Beard is quite simply, the Wicked Beard, because it is wickedly awesome. Why exactly is Wicked Beard the best beard brand in Canada, and perhaps even the universe?


Personalized beard oil bottles from Wicked Beard Company

Let’s find out. Whether you’re a young man sporting a scruffy face or an older gent whose whiskers have grown with the years, Wicked Beard Company has a product designed for your length of hair. If your beard is short and dishevelled or long and luscious, their products are made to tame your beast. Their collection of beard oils feed and moisturize your beard until it’s as soft as a sheep.

With their Bounty, Memories, and Wingman collections, scents range from earthy, woodsy, and cedar-filled to cool, energizing, and subtle. Their beard balm offers a hard but workable hold to keep your whiskers looking healthy and trim. Wicked Beard Company’s custom beard oil option is another devious feature: You get to choose your own scents and make your own oils, which elevates personalization to a whole new level.


Maple forest beard oil bottle with sun in background from Wicked Beard Company

Alongside unique products, Wicked Beard Company distinguishes itself by having reliable and quick shipping, and above-par service. From the time you place an order until the moment it reaches your doorstep, the project that results is a wickedly smooth experience. Their reviews are glowing and all of this is done by a small team of three people who are dedicated to fulfilling all orders in a timely manner to keep their customers happy. Their attention to detail and stubborn obsession with using only the best ingredients has made Wicked Beard Company’s products by far the best beard oil in Canada.

They source from the best vendors on six continents. Every lot is tested and the batches are numbered, and their products work like nothing else. They keep pushing perfection. The wickedly good Beard Balms, Creams, Butters, and Beard Oil products are quite remarkable. Wicked Beard Company is in hot pursuit of product excellence, using the best and highest quality ingredients of their choosing for the best performance.


Beard comb from Wicked Beard Company

In their own words: All-natural and skin safe, beard-boosting substances only for the best performance.Chiller explains that: We won’t make it with crap. You won’t find just any run-of-the-mill fragrances for beard oil from Wicked Beard Company — their collections are as unique as they are memorable, complete with long-lasting oils made from the world’s finest essential oils.

In addition to products and customers service, Wicked Beard Company is concerned about environmental stewardship. It aims to limit pollution and environmental damage by minimizing waste and using eco-friendly packaging whenever possible.


Open tin of beard butter from Wicked Beard Company

Wicked Beard Company: for the best beard care in Canada, if not the world! I’ve got nothing but big props for this Canadian company and its line of fine beard-welcoming products. Everything is top-shelf, natural, smells awesome, and the service is great. Throw in the completely redesign packaging, and you’re left with an unbeatable experience. Shop the Wicked Beard Company line of oils, balms, butters and activated charcoal soap today!

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