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How to Get the Best Beard Possible!

How to get the best beard possible?

  1. Patience is key: Every great beard starts with patience. Give your facial hair time to grow out evenly. This usually takes about 4-6 weeks. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

  2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Just like the hair on your scalp, your beard needs the right nutrients to grow. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep will all contribute to a fuller and healthier beard.

  3. Regular grooming: This is vital to keeping your beard looking its best. Use a high-quality beard trimmer to keep it well-shaped and at the desired length. Use scissors for detailing.

  4. Invest in beard oil: This is not just a luxury but a necessity. Beard oils moisturize both your facial hair and the skin beneath. This prevents itchiness and keeps your beard looking shiny and groomed.

  5. Keep it clean: Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be washed regularly. Use a beard shampoo or wash to get rid of the daily dust and grime, but avoid washing too often as it can dry out your beard.

  6. Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water not only benefits your overall health, but it also keeps your beard soft and shiny.

  7. Don't forget your mustache: If you're growing a full beard, you'll probably have a mustache too. Keep it well-trimmed above your lip line.

  8. Beard brush and comb: Use a beard brush to distribute oil, train your beard to grow in a certain direction, and remove any dead skin cells. A beard comb can help in detangling the hair.

  9. Regularly check for split ends: Just like hair, beards can develop split ends too. When you notice these, it's time to give your beard a trim to keep it healthy.

  10. Don’t neglect the skin underneath: Keeping the skin under your beard healthy is as important as caring for the beard itself. Exfoliate the skin at least once a week to keep it healthy and to prevent ingrown hairs.


Growing a beard can be a great way to express your style and individuality but getting the best beard possible requires more than just a few swipes of the razor and a dash of beard oil. If you want to get the most out of your beard, you need to know how to properly groom and maintain it. In this article, we'll discuss some tips for keeping your beard looking like it’s absolute best.


Trim regularly

One of the keys to having an impressive beard is regular trimming. You should use scissors or an electric trimmer to keep your facial hair neat and tidy. Trim the length so that it's even all around the edges and use clippers or scissors to shape it up into whatever look you desire. Regular trims will remove any straggly hairs that are detracting from your overall look. As your beard grows it may become thinner, especially at the ends, which can make your overall beard appear thinner. Keeping your beard neat and tidy will give it a fuller look as well! Of course, there are always exceptions. If you are growing a wizard beard for example you may want to keep scissors and trimmers hidden away.


Wash and condition

Just like you would with your head hair, you should also make sure that your facial hair is washed and conditioned regularly. This will help keep it looking healthy and prevent dryness, split ends, and dandruff. Make sure that you are using beard soap and/or conditioner specifically designed for beards.  Beard soaps have been created specially for beards and will ensure your beard it treated with several natural oils and butters while keeping as much of your natural oil as possible. A good beard soap should cover all of your beard cleaning requirements but if you want to kick it up a notch you can also add a conditioner designed for facial hair to give it extra moisture and protection against damage. But again, a good beard soap will be able to provide this in an all-in-one solution!


Use styling Products!

Without sounding to cliché, this is the real beard and butter!

To get the most out of your beard, you should consider using styling products such as beard butters, beard balms, and beard oils. These products will help shape, define, and hold your facial hair in place while also providing nourishment for healthier growth and appeal over time. Experiment with different types of products until you find one that works best for your unique needs. Wicked Beard Company provides a large assortment of premium beard oils, beard balms and beard butters that will provide your growing beard with everything is needs!



Having the best beard possible isn't as hard as it might seem! All it takes is some regular grooming habits such as trimming regularly, washing & conditioning often, and using styling products appropriately. Following these tips will ensure your beard always looks its best!

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