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How Often Should You Use Beard Oil? A Hairy Question, Answered

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Now, here we go with the beard oil, the secret ingredient to taking a normal Joe’s face funk and turning it into face-fungus that will woo woodland creatures. Anyone who’s ever browsed beard-centric forums and has been pulled into a heated discussion in a barbershop can tell you beard oil application frequency is a touchy subject. Let’s break the beard-oil seal without buzzing about.


The Great Debate: To Oil or Not to Oil?

Before we get going, let’s lay out one thing: beard oil isn’t just for that pasty, plaid-wearing, axe-wielding flannel jackal sort of chap. Any man who wants to upgrade his shaggyness from ‘forgot to shave last Sunday’ to ‘deliberately dashing’ needs to get familiar with the wonders of this elixir of the bearded gods, but how often is often enough?


The Daily Oilers

Daily use is the gold standard for many, which puts them in the grooming category. These are the people whose beard is their pet, to be fed, brushed and pampered like a show dog. The daily oiling keeps the beard soft, shiny, and smelling like the inside of a cedar chest. If you feel like your face is stuck in a sandstorm, or if your girlfriend starts scratching your chin, trying to win a lottery ticket, daily oiling just might be your ticket to domestic harmony.


The Few-Times-a-Week Club

Then there are the intermittent users, the ‘I just oil when I remember’ kinds of guys, who hit a few times a week. These gnarly beard-dudes are juggling between desert dry and appearing like they’ve dropped their chin in a fryer. This routine is great if your beard is a little well-behaved and you want to still keep it on the low maintenance side of the spectrum without looking like a bristle brush.


The Special Occasions Only

Then there’s the special occasions oilers. These are the guys who bust out the beard oil once in a while like fine cologne to reinforce a first date or a job interview, or maybe whenever your family is set to take the annual holiday photo and your Aunt Martha will inevitably chide you about your ‘wild look’. This isn’t a ritual; this is a secret weapon, the bazooka you deploy to make a favourable impression or back out of an awkward jam.


So, What's the Ideal Frequency?

But here’s the rub (heh): it depends how oily your skin is, how dense your beard is, and how much you like getting handsy with your face. If your skin is the Sahara of humour, daily oiling can help keep at bay the horror that is beardruff (or, for our uninitiated amish friends: a beard with dandruff) and keep your man moss at its softest best. If you are oilier than a pizza box, you might scale back, to avoid gumming up the works.


Tips for the Perfect Oil Routine

  • Go Small: You need only a couple of drops to start with. Think of it like dressing a salad. You can always add more, but too much and you’re headed toward a gloopy mess.
  • Work the Root: Massage the oil into the skin under your beard: this will prevent dryness and feed the roots of your facial foliage.
  • Comb: Post-oil combing helps distribute the oil evenly and it will help detangle like no other, making you look more groomed and less ‘lost in the wilderness’.


Wrapping It Up

Overall, your grooming to find beard oil nirvana might be called a sympathetic heartbeat: every few days, and as frequently as your beard or your girlfriend dictate. You are on the right path, admiral, when you achieve the look of serene, sophisticated debauchery, not a guy who just wrestled a bottle of olive oil to the ground and lost.

Therefore, put on your dropper bottle like the sword of a noble knight, and may your beard be with you!

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