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Why You Should Use Beard Oil

Handsome man in a suit with a full blond beard

If you are thinking about growing a beard or if you are already sporting a glorious beard, you should be using a premium beard oil.

You may be asking yourself, do I really need to use a beard oil, my beard seems fine already? Is beard oil good for my beard?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Beard oil is a critical component for keeping your beard looking thick, healthy and shiny. It can be used at all stages of beard growth and will help provide your skin with sebum as it grows thicker and longer, but we'll get into that a little further in this article.


Beard Oil Helps Get Rid of Beard Itch!

Let’s face it, all beards can get a little itchy and it happens to most of us over the life time of our beards.

For some, the itch can get so bad it will slowly drive them crazy and can force someone to reassess whether they want a beard at all.
Have you ever thought my beard looks great but the itching is driving me crazy, it’s got to go!

If this is you it is time to switch to beard oil, it will change your life. No, seriously it changed mine.
First let talk about why a beard itches in the first place.

Early Stages of Growth

In the early stages of beard growth, the hairs are short and sharp, and as they grow, they can be a little harder on your skin. This is especially true for first time beard growers, all those years of shaving has made your beard hairs, short, strong and a little spiky.


Dryness is the most common cause of beard itch. As your beard grows it requires more and more oil to keep it healthy. Your skin produces a natural oil called Sebum. Sebum is an oil that is produced by your skin that acts as the skins natural oil and hydrator. The problem is as your beard grows your skin is not able to provide enough sebum to hydrate your beard and this causes it to dry out and itch.

There is only so much sebum that the skin can produce.
A premium beard oil can help fill the void left by the lack of sebum production.


Keep your beard clean! No amount of beard oil in the world will help you if you have remnants of yesterdays dinner in your beard.

Keeping your glorious beard clean and hydrated with a premium beard oil will ensure that it stays healthy and continues to look wicked for a long time.

Jojoba is an excellent substitute for sebum and is one of the 6 carrier oils used in all Wicked Beard Companies beard oils. Jojoba is very similar to sebum and has proven anti-inflammatory effects and helps with many other skin conditions, including skin infections, skin aging and wound healing.


Beard Oil Can Help with Beard Growth

Many of you including myself have had patchy beards at one point or another. In fact, my beard was really patchy when I first started growing it and this had always kept me from growing my beard longer.
A premium beard oil can help and will provide your beard with nutrients and protection that will help promote hair growth.
Does it actually grow beard hair, no.
What it does is treat the skin and beard in a way that will protect it from things that might prevent beard hair from growing.


Helps Prevent Dandruff

I think the only thing worse than dry beard is dandruff. In fact, they are very closely related and having dry skin is the main cause of dandruff.
As you scratch an itchy beard it will flake off dry skin and this will give you what is commonly called dandruff, or “beardruff”.
Treating your beard with premium beard oil in the early stages of growth and continuing to use it as your beard grows will ensure you don’t develop the dreaded beardruff.
In the winter and in cooler climates you may need to re-hydrate your beard a few times a day.
In the winter it is definitely a good idea to keep your beard oil handy.


Helps Styling

Handsome blond man with a full blonde beard reading a newspaper
I can’t tell you how many times beard oil has come in handy and saved my beard from a style disaster.
Ever get one of those stray beard hairs that tickle your nose relentlessly?
Beard oil may not be as effective at styling as a good balm or wax but in a pinch it is a great substitute.
Beard Oil tends to act more like a leave in conditioner that you use all day.
Beard oil works best when used in combination with a premium beard balm. They work together to help keep your beard healthy and looking great!
Never use hairspray to hold or shape your beard!


Help Fight Acne

Yes, it’s true that excess oil on the skin and blocked pours is the main cause of acne. So at first glance, it might seem a little crazy to use beard oil to treat acne, but it can and does treat mild acne.
Not all of the oils in beard oil help fight acne, each carrier oil has its own positive benefits and properties.
Jojoba oil has been proven effective in treating mild acne and skin lesions, and may also play a role in wound healing.
Several studies have found that using products containing Jojoba oil can help heal and thus decrease mild acne lesions.
While acne can be caused by a variety of factors, jojoba oil itself is non-comedogenic, which means that it should not clog the pores.


Improve Your Beards Appearance

Handsome blond man with full blond beard with hand in pocket wearing sunglasses

Beard oil will make your beard look shiny and healthy, end of story.
Not using a beard oil will cause your beard to dry out and lose its shape.
The longer you let it grow without treating it with a premium beard oil, the worse it will look.
This was my beard for many years. I would let it grow and although it would look ok in the early stages as my sebum was able to hydrate my beard naturally.
As my beard grew and got longer my sebum was not able to keep up with my beards needs and my beard would dry out and look terrible.
A beard should not look like your growing pubic hair on your face (although the hair is actually similar).
If the beard on your face looks like the hair between your legs, you might need some premium beard oil and balm.
Some men will naturally produce more sebum than others and will be able to grow a beard longer before requiring a beard oil to help make up for a lack of sebum production. Everyone’s needs and requirements are a little different.
Bottom line, using a premium beard oil will help make your beard look great.


Smells Amazing

There are many reasons to use premium beard oil and having a great smelling beard is definitely at the top of the list.
A premium beard oil should be one of the first things you apply to your beard when you are getting ready for the day or night.
Your beard is really close to your own nose so it is really important you like the smell. It can also be one of the first things people smell when they get in close for a conversation.
It will definitely be one of the first things someone smells when they go in for a kiss.
The last thing you want is for someone to pull away in disgust as the smell of the burger you had for lunch is still in your beard.



Having a great looking beard will make you look and feel confident. If you have a dry and unhealthy-looking beard it can send the wrong message and give people the wrong impression.
I do not recommend going to a job interview with an unkempt beard, no matter what job you are applying for.  And dating, do I need to even say it?
The bottom line is having a great looking beard will make you feel great, and that will contribute to your over all confidence in a positive way!
Look good and you will feel good.



As you can see using beard oil is a critical component in keeping your beard healthy, growing and looking amazing!
Using a premium beard oil with a premium beard balm together, provides the ultimate look and protection.
If your partner is telling you to shave your glorious beard because it looks bad or smells terrible, maybe it is time to start thinking about using a premium beard oil.

Wicked Beard Company has you covered!
We have a wide variety of premium beard oils to choose from and all of them are made with premium ingredients sourced from ethical producers on 6 continents, supplying 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils and natural raw materials.

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