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Beard or No Beard? The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Grooming

Can you wear a beard to a job interview? Yes you can!

If you’re scouring the Internet the night before your job interview wondering whether you really need to shave, it’s likely because you’ve run into a remark here or there that it isn’t proper interview etiquette to turn up without a clean shave.

Yet, you also know that beards are becoming more and more common in the workplace, and while it will grow back, it’s also not something you want to part with if you don’t have to. If you choose to wear your beard to the interview, here’s the right way to do it.


How to choose to wear your beard

You may be on the fence and just need a little reassurance one way or the other. Don’t forget to do your research on how to present yourself. Just like the preparation you’ll do for the role you’re interviewing for; you’ll want to have at least a little bit of context on whether it’s the right call.


Think about context

The job and environment you’re interviewing for can often tell you a lot about whether or not it will be acceptable. Jobs in cities like Toronto, Austin or Silicon Valley definitely fall into more beard-friendly regions and are likely to be a little bit more lenient than more conservative areas in the suburbs.


Look for clues

One of the most foolproof ways that you can understand a company’s culture is by taking a peek at the social media of the company. Check and see if those at the company are sporting beards in their headshots or if the company has individuals with beards in any posted photos. These clues may indicate whether there is a beard-friendly culture. And it doesn’t have to be everyone — look for even 10 percent of the company — that’s enough to give you a feel for it.


How to make your beard look interview-ready

Once you’d decided to wear your beard, you need to make it look top notch. Even if you’re generally good about grooming your beard, you want to make sure that you have an above average appearance.

  1. Head to the barbers to get trimmed up in the days ahead. This is in no way shaving your beard, but it is making it more presentable.
  2. Condition, condition, condition. Invest in a beard balm or beard oil that will help give your beard the proper hold as you style it. If you really want to maintain your style though, beard balm is generally the way to go since it contains beeswax.
  3. Comb it through. Skip the brush and go for the comb since it also gives you better styling control. Be sure to bring the comb with you and run it through your beard either in the car or in the bathroom right before. This will ensure that your beard looks as good as you feel going in.


Final thoughts

It’s no longer a faux pas to have a beard in a job interview. In fact, as long as you do a little bit of research ahead of time and your beard looks groomed and presentable, there’s no reason that you should shave. Step back from the razor and go for the comb instead.

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